About Maida

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Maida Malby cooks up multicultural, foodie, international contemporary romance stories filled with sizzling heat, mouthwatering spice, and a whole lotta love.

She is a member of select writing groups and romance book clubs. Her To-Be-Read Mountain and book reviews are featured here on Carpe Diem Chronicles.

When not writing, reading, or reviewing books, Maida consults her husband on word selection, debates with her ten-year-old son regarding the Oxford comma, cooks the dishes she features in her stories, procrastibakes using Baileys as her secret yummy ingredient, and watches golf and food shows on TV.

Here’s what she says about herself:

I’m a writer, reader, reviewer, and blogger; a foodie and home cook. I love to travel and learn languages. The Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, and the USA are countries I called my home at some point in my life. I speak English, Filipino, Indonesian, Thai, and French in various degrees of fluency. My husband is a Veteran of the US Air Force and our son will be a future baker. I am also a daughter, a sister, and a friend. In my nearly five decades of life, I have been a researcher, media planner, negotiator, advisor, director, vice-president, and diplomat. Through all those titles, I have always been, at the same time, a student – a lifelong learner.

Carpe Diem is my personal motto. I hope you enjoy seizing the day with me.

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