About Carpe Diem Chronicles

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Carpe Diem Chronicles by Maida Malby is about LOVE. My love of books, food, travel, and romance.

Carpe Diem Chronicles is also a series of contemporary romance novels, novellas, and short stories that I am writing involving multicultural couples set in exotic locations all over the world. The books are set in Boracay, Philippines; New York City, USA; San Antonio, Texas, Singapore City, Singapore; Bonifacio Global City, Philippines; Koh, Samui, Thailand; and Palawan, Philippines.

The central theme of all the books is Carpe Diem, the Latin aphorism which means Seize the day. All of the couples will be motivated by the idea of living life to the fullest in the present not only because tomorrow is uncertain, but also because today is the best opportunity they have to make the future better.

Published so far are BORACAY VOWSNEW YORK ENGAGEMENT, GLOBAL CITY TRYST, SINGAPORE FLING, and 19TH HOLE FIESTA. Upcoming are Samui Heat, and Palawan Promises. Also part of the universe are my stories in the Romance Anthologies FLAMES, FLIRTS & FESTIVALS, and PASKO NA, MY LOVE.

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