Singapore Fling

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One alluring French-Filipina beauty. One sexy US Air Force officer. One torrid weekend affair.

Maddie Duvall should be living it up at her challenging new job in glamorous Singapore. But two months after her wild weekend with Aidan Ryan, she’s still yearning for him. She craves the passion only he can ignite in her.

Aidan’s job takes him around the world, yet he can’t get Maddie out of his mind. When he returns to his assignment in Singapore, he seeks her out with a proposition she can’t turn down.

Intensely enamored with one another, their relationship takes off. But when Aidan’s mission exposes treachery by someone close to Maddie, lines blur and wires get crossed. Can their growing love survive the intrigue?

Singapore Fling is Book 2 of Carpe Diem Chronicles, a series of multicultural contemporary romance novels. The stories celebrate the rich cultures of exotic Southeast Asian islands through languages, food, and festivals.

SF Excerpt

“I heard you’re Blake’s best man.” Maddie crossed her legs and leaned back in her chair. She meant to appear relaxed but tilting her head to look up at him was a literal pain in the neck.

“As I should be,” Aidan said with an attitude of the entitlement of an older brother. “And you’re Krista’s maid of honor.”

“As I should be,” Maddie parroted in the same haughty tone. She was the bride’s best friend, and she’d played a major part in bringing Krista and Blake together in Boracay.

Aidan inclined his head in acknowledgment of their equally important roles. He didn’t say anything else, just stared at her with eyes the color of a cloud-filled summer sky—blindingly hot one second, stormy the next.

This was not a business call. If it had been, Aidan would have had stated his purpose by now. The idea that he’d come here to pick up where they’d left off began to take root. The compliments and the smoldering looks sent tingles all over Maddie’s body. She had to know for sure.

Her eyes locked on Aidan’s, Maddie uncrossed her legs and rose to her full height of six feet when she wore heels, as she did now. With only two inches difference between them, she felt no crick in the neck looking up at him, no discomfort whatsoever. They were on equal footing.

She walked to the window, stopped an arm’s length away from him, and pulled the strings to lower the other set of blinds. He didn’t blink, not even when the light dimmed with the descent of the window covering.

“I’m also their wedding planner,” Maddie said, continuing the thread of their conversation. “Are you here to offer your services?” she purred.

Aidan’s mouth lifted at the corners. He braced a shoulder against the wall, appearing more relaxed than he had since he’d arrived. “I’m here to find out what being a best man entails in the Philippines. I’m sure it’s more involved than standing beside my brother at the altar to await his bride.”

So much for picking up where they’d left off. Maddie raised her chin to hide her disappointment. “You didn’t have to come in person if that’s all you wanted,” she snapped. “An e-mail would have sufficed.” She turned to go back to her chair. “I’ll give you my business card. Send me a message with all your questions, anytime. There’s no rush. We have almost an entire year.” She infused her voice with all the professionalism she could muster.

They were idiots, both of them. Him for coming here and giving her hope, her for being disappointed that he didn’t want more.




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