bathtub scene

Carpe Diem Chronicles 2
Chapter Sixteen

A baby. An image of a black-haired, brown-eyed little girl flashed in his mind. She’d have her mother’s beauty and his height. Their child. His and Maddie’s. Without thinking, he dragged the sponge to Maddie’s flat stomach. “Do you want to have children?”

She stilled in his arms for a second before resting her head on his shoulder. “Yes. At least one.” She exhaled a soft whish of breath against his neck. “But not yet. Before I turn thirty-five for sure,” she said in a perkier voice, but he still heard the wistfulness she tried to hide.

Aidan, who’d never planned anything long term, was all of a sudden dreaming of babies with the woman in his arms. If this wasn’t love, he didn’t know what else it could be.


Singapore Fling is Book 2 of Carpe Diem Chronicles, a series of multicultural contemporary romance novels. The stories celebrate the rich cultures of exotic Southeast Asian islands through languages, food, and festivals.

It’s now available from your favorite etailers in eBook and paperback.

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