bed 1

Carpe Diem Chronicles 2
Chapter Sixteen

… tonight was for giving, not taking. Tonight was for Maddie, not him.

He lowered her to her feet beside their bed and took the towel from her.

“I can dry myself,” she protested but released the fabric at his tug.

“I know you can. I want to do it for you. Will you let me?” When she sent him a questioning look, he said, “Please?”

Please forgive me for keeping secrets from you.

Please remember tonight.

Please know how much I love you.

Her nod of assent felt like an absolution that he didn’t deserve, but that he wanted more than anything else.

Soft pats burst the bubbles that still clung to her silky skin. Gentle swipes dried most of the moisture from her body.

He’d get her wet again, Aidan promised himself as he laid them both down on the bed.

He’d get her hot. It wouldn’t take much. It never had.

One kiss. All they needed to set fire to their passion for each other.

As if she’d read his mind, Maddie reached up to twine her arms around his shoulders and pulled him to her. “Kiss me, Aidan,” she murmured against his lips.


Singapore Fling is Book 2 of Carpe Diem Chronicles, a series of multicultural contemporary romance novels. The stories celebrate the rich cultures of exotic Southeast Asian islands through languages, food, and festivals.

It’s now available from your favorite etailers in eBook and paperback.

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