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Boracay Vows FINAL 3.6

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To fulfill one vow she has to break another

Krista Lopez has five days to fulfill her Turning-Thirty Vow—the promise to do something life-changing in celebration of this milestone birthday. Her plan: give in to her attraction to her boss Mr. Blake Ryan.

Krista’s Irish-American hunk of a boss is conveniently vacationing in the same posh resort in Boracay. When he proposes a one-week affair while they’re on vacation, she accepts. It’s only a fling, after all. Krista will not fall for an American. She can’t. She promised her mother.

Promises are made to be broken

Krista and Blake hope what happens in Boracay stays in Boracay. They want to keep their affair a secret from their colleagues, from her family. But, secrets have a way of coming out. When they’re found out, will Krista and Blake end their affair or will they say carpe diem to the promise of a love of a lifetime?

Boracay Vows is the first book in the fun and steamy multicultural contemporary destination romance series Carpe Diem Chronicles.

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Paperback edition is available from Amazon USA, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and Mexico and Barnes & Noble. Now also sold at the following independent booksellers:

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Reviews BV

Great debut red

Boracay Vows is a great debut story!” – Tricia, WA, USA
“This is a great debut novel!” – Rainne, TX, USA
“What a debut!” – Saynab, Cape Town, South Africa
“What a fabulous debut novel from Maida Malby!” Carrie, Ramstein, Germany
“Fun characters, a wonderful setting, and an engaging storyline make for a great debut novel!” – Carly, London, UK
“Let me start by saying that I’ve read very few debut novels that I’ve enjoyed. This book was definitely among those that I did!” – Violet, CO, USA
“Fantastic first work!!!” – Patricia, TX, USA
“This was a really promising debut with a real sense of place.” – Celine, KS, USA
“Fantastic debut book.” – Nelle, TX, USA
“Great debut novel.” Lori Ann, VA, USA
“Strong debut from a strong writer.” – Sherryl, CA, USA

Marti Quote

“In Boracay Vows, author Maida Malby’s lighthearted style draws you in and keeps the pages turning. The way she smoothly and seemingly effortlessly introduces characters is a joy.”

~ Marti MacGibbon
Nationally award-winning author, motivational speaker, and humorist

Wonderful setting

“… a wonderful setting … ” – Carly
“I also loved the setting and learning a little about the Philippines…” – Violet
“The author’s particular strength is her sense of place: the reader knows immediately that this place is special … ” – Gena
“I have never been to Boracay but Maida Malby made me want to pack up my bags and fly there …” – Rizalee
“… a real sense of place. I loved getting a setting and look into a culture I don’t see much in romance novels.” – Celine
“The setting was amazing with great descriptions of the beach, culture, food … everything.” – Brianna
“I need a vacay to Boracay!” – Nelle
“The setting sounds so beautiful and so rich in the cultural reference, you truly want to visit …” – Jillian
“The way she describes the setting of the place … makes me want to plan a visit to Boracay.” – Chandra

In "Boracay Vows" you get destination travel along with a sweet and spicy romance. Are you ready to take a vacation and visit the island of Boracay in the Philippines? Well I hope so. It's a wonderful place to go to just relax and think about the future.

Night Owl Reviews Top Pick

Mouthwatering square

“…it’s got plenty of steam and mouth-watering descriptions of food.” – Trish, So Your Life Images
“Made me sooo hungry.” – Violet
“… and now I want Filipino foooooooooood!!!” – Patricia
“so many food references … I have hunger pains!” – Nelle
“I got hungry just reading about the sumptuous Asian food described in this book.” – Rainne, Fobolous by Rainne Mendoza

Perfect read for a vacation or a weekend at the beach. Krista is somewhat conservative who decides, despite the many vows and promises she's made to others, that's she's going to "seize the moment" and give in to her attraction to her Blake, her boss. Blake likes being the boss but he is also a kind, considerate hero. The chemistry between them is off the charts and, even though they might not see it, the reader knows they'll be perfect together. The writing is evocative, complete with food and location descriptions that immerse the reader in the constructed world created by Malby. I am definitely looking forward to the novella as well as the next two installments of this book. Lovely, lovely book!

Sera Taino’s five star review on Amazon

Kilig square (no etailers)

“I felt so ‘kilig’ every time Blake does nice things for Krista.” ~ Pia
“… if you’re looking for a steamy contemporary romance with a Filipino flair, you need this in your life.” ~ Brianna
“This is not your typical romance novel where beautiful girl meets beautiful man while trapped in an exotic island.” ~ Fobolous by Rainne Mendoza
“If you are looking for a true multi-cultural romance, you’ve just found It!” ~ Nelle
“This is a sweet inter-racial story about falling in love.” ~ Rizalee

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